Convince me to buy Odyssey

..or rather re-buy it.

I refunded the first purchase, thinking I'd come back to it after a couple of updates.

I'm downloading the game again and I've got my wallet ready. And to be honest, I really want to be convinced to get back in. Now, I'm downloading it with the intention of playing Horizons anyway. My primary account is my trusty ASP, on it's way back from Beagle Point, going back to the old days of the first expedition(nostalgic sigh…).

I sort of became a permanent wanderer, and never went back home. So I went and got a second "Bubble Account" for everything else. At some point I started heading back, but I'm still on the other side of the core. I'm thinking I'd probably be most of the way to a carrier if I come back and sell the data. I already had close to a billion back then when I took off for BP.

Question is, what would be the primary difference between my experience in Horizons vs Odyssey, if I stepped back in with the intention of getting back to the Bubble? At the same time, I'd also be switching accounts of course to scratch that combat itch from time to time.

So what me do?….


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