Custom Dungeon Builder and Extending Dungeon Gameplay

Been searching the internet to see if there were any resources but wanted to reach out here and see if anyone knew of any resource, mods, or tools that allow people to create their own modded dungeons or allow people to extend and modify the current dungeon system?

One of the great many facets WoW when it first launched were its dungeons, zones, and raids. Big, sprawling areas that required your character and your group to navigate batches of enemies, find certain rooms to activate something, carefully navigate and jump the world to get the next destination (it really became a platformer at some points) while attempting not to pull too many mobs, etc. Imagine being able to crawl a dungeon with your friends, similar to something like the Blackrock Spire zone and its corresponding dungeons, fighting through an epic series of enemies and zones, to fight bosses, claim epic loot, and to be able to do it all together.

It appears that this could extend well to Valheim as well. Valheim (as well as what the community has provided) already has the necessary elements to extend the dungeon / zone gameplay even further.

  • Mobs can be "pulled" and alerted
  • "Boss" type mobs, with special skills.
  • "Magic" / potion system
  • Interactable world items (chests, doors, etc.)
  • Physics-based attacks
  • Platforming, jumping, fall damage
  • Extended loot system (can also utilize the epic loot mod)

Thinking this could be an extension of using Advanced Building (.vbuild's) along with modding the game to utilize the existing dungeon system (instanced entrances and zones). If anyone has any resource, insight, or ideas, would love to hear them!

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