[Daily] Card Discussion #559 Doppler

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Hey everyone! Welcome to another Daily Card Discussion Thread.

The way this works is simple: Every day a different card is selected for discussion. Post your thoughts on the card in the comments below – discussion is not limited to competitive (or Draft!) viability. Feel free to talk about the art, sounds, lore, or anything else you like.

As a reminder, at the bottom of each thread you can navigate to the previous discussion thread. Links to the card's entry on various card databases are also included.

‚ÄčToday's card is Doppler.

Humans despise dopplers so much, they feel mere execution does not suffice – so they tie any they catch to a stake, cover them in thick clay and bake them in a fire.

Type: Unit

Faction: Neutral

Rarity: Rare

Power: 1

Provision: 6

Keywords: Relict

Text: Deploy: Choose a unit in your hand, then boost self by the total number of units in your hand which have the same primary category as that unit.

Illustration by Bartlomiej Gawel

Based on Gwent 8.50

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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/nu3fnh/daily_card_discussion_559_doppler/

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