[day3] The second biggest overshight with Dark Willow is…

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…that it's only 19 Bedlam attacks (when logic says "5s duration with 0.25s atk interval" lead to at least 20 attacks)



I simply divide 5 by 0.25 and it gives me 20. BUT:


#1 Remember these 3 damage instances/hit times (actual time damage received) we will need it later.

#2 https://i.imgur.com/sLku1gq.png Bedlam attack profectile deals damage after Bedlam buff ended so it's not restricted with Bedlam buff duration.

#3 As first hit is possible 0.03s after cast https://imgur.com/a/JzA0oN6 there should always be at least 20 attacks within 5s with 0.25s interval. Doesn't matter how you spread it. example:

0.1 0.35 0.6 0.85 
1.1 1.35 1.6 1.85 
2.1 2.35 2.6 2.85 
3.1 3.35 3.6 3.85 
4.1 4.35 4.6 4.85 

#4 As one man noticed we can't put straight 0.25s with 1/30 server tick time so his guess is that 19 attacks limited because of delay of 8/30 which is 0.266s (each attack takes 0.266-0.25=0.166s more). But #1 tell us hits are possible within 0.23s which is most likely rounded 7/30=0.233s. (so it might be coded to compensate delays)

ps: difference between cast-time and 1st attack, intervals between attacks are explained by enemy target's position and these factors:

Jex rotates around Dark Willow

The attack radius is centered on Jex

The attack projectiles traveling at a speed of 1400

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/mb2s7v/day3_the_second_biggest_overshight_with_dark/

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