Ammo changes and stats (MoE/HoF/WN8)

I just realised all of my hard earned 3 MoE will become worthless if the ammo changes go live

More HP in games and higher alpha/DPM for every tank means in those first days every 3 MoE will be stupidly easy to achieve, unless WG resets all MoE requirements (Essentially making every tank a new tank)

All of the damage/blocking/spotting records and HoF ratings will be smashed, meaning anyone with a high performance over a high number of games in any tank will be pushed out of the HoF by newer players of that tank

On the plus side… WN8 and expected values will be irrelevant at the push of a button, as will all service record stats for damage done/blocked/spotted

Is this secretly WG's plan to destroy meaningful stats and (hopefully) reduce toxicity? "I'm not bad, I just played that tank when it only had 200 alpha" "I was a unicum before the expected values changed"

Will they have new stats starting at the date of the ammo changes, like they did with the 2014 changes?

Just a thought


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