Deadlyslob Aimdot Accusation

To clear this up I am sorry if my previous post made me look like a fool but that looked like an aim dot to me, I have played the game and watched many high-level players play and have never seen the dot stay that pronounced and persistent in any other players videos and believed that he had made a mistake which he quickly fixed. The loot dot is the perfect cover story for an aim dot is it not?

Sorry if this video
and this thread caused any harm but I do think that the defending player base is very quick to call idiot while still believing that top EFT streamers are not cheating, Kotton was caught with his cursor overlay so why would deadly not cheat a little too?
Deadlyslob and Kotton both moving to other games now though strange this happens the day I point out that he may be using unfair advantage…Kotton even comments on the video why if its trash? Does he comment on every trashy post?


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