Dear CDPR can we have the Arena mode back ?

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What is even the point of Draft when every match is instant forfeit, double scenario and Madoc spamming ?

The more you work on Draft the worse it get, why you even try to balance the mode that supposed to be random ?

If you see Imprisonment, there will be Steffan and Tourney

If you see Imposter, there will be Emhyr/Ball, or Double Ball/ Double Emhyr

If you see Shieldwall, there will be Gerhart/Viraxas

There is other choices but it is clearly suboptimal

You either craft a monster deck that steamroll opponent or a mess up deck that have 3 Stefan with no Tactic, 3 Braathen with zero bronze spy in deck, hence the amount of player forfeit instantly to build a new draft deck.

I like Arena because of its randomness, chaos, now it is gone and replace pretty much the same with ranked, but 2 scenario instead of 1.


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