Dear Diary – Day 71

Valheim – Quick Tips to Start

Today I decided to venture outside of the Meadows and Black forest. I have fought many a creature, from Greylings, to walking Skeletons to trolls.
I decided to set sail to distant lands to see what there is to discover away from the shores of my home. I Came across this light sanded land and thought I'd set my ship there for a look at what was.
A couple of greylings came over for a look, took out my bronze mace and swiftly put them down. Saw something flying towards me at an alarming pace, small, un-menacing. Then it hit me. I had hear distant tales of a creature that went by the name of a Deathsquito so I turned and ran as fast as I could! But my efforts were in vein, swinging my mace had tired me out, i was hungry from my journey across the seas. Before I could reach my ship I was hit fast and hard. Everything faded to black. I had been killed. One hit and I was gone. I have marked this territory as No Mans Land. One day I shall return to seek vengeance upon this awful creature. But not today. Not today.


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