To Nikita, From a former cheater.

I want to preface this by saying I am not promoting cheating in any possible way.

Over the last two months Nikita and BSG have been working super hard to fend off cheating, I've personally seen over 1000 accounts banned in the last month. This game is a super fun and rewarding game that has been plagued by cheaters for so long and at the rate BSG is moving, there may be a near future where the cheating is almost nonexistent. There are a few more ways that BSG could take this above and beyond though.

  1. Ban the cheater and the players they are in a party with. This should be easily detectable as to who is cheating and who is receiving all of the profit from a raid. Doing this would scare off a lot of players from paying cheaters for their service. The number one question I was asked when doing a service was "Can I get banned for this?"
  2. At the moment, a high kd and multiple reports will flag a manual ban. I can assure you no legit player is going to have a kd over 15 in this game. Implement a system to monitor player stats as they join and leave a raid to detect a spike in a players kd in a short period of time. Nobody is wiping a map within 3 minutes.
  3. Implement a way to notify a player that the cheater they reported has been banned. This would really prove to players that cheaters are actually getting banned every day and would increase reports on cheaters. In games like League Of Legends, you're notified if a player you reported has received a punishment.

And last but not least, people of this community, don't lose hope in Nikita and BSG. These guys are working tirelessly to try to ensure a fair and fun game for everyone to play. They've been doing an incredible job dealing with this even if you don't believe what you hear from them.

PS. Feel free to message me on reddit u/trainfender I'd be more than glad to help with the detection of some cheats.


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