Divine USE/USW players – Smurfs/Buyers in a lot of games, whats your experience?

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These past couple of months seem to have been really poor in my experience in terms of game balance. Teams constantly consist of many level 40 accounts + accounts ranging with less than 1-2k games with rank ups or rank downs immediately.

I just want good Dota. Many games are one sided and maybe around 25% of games go competitive (back and forth brawling.) I understand not every game is going to have a competitive nature to it due to draft, player skill, etc.

What I don't understand is why so many games I have been experiencing have smurfs or buyers. What also makes it worse about smurfs is that when they queue up and get a role they don't want, they don't try as hard (which is I guess just about everyone,) but it hurts more because the chances the other teams smurf is on a position that they do care about and are tryharding.

These sort of imbalances just lead to dissatisfying games and overall snowbally games.

Players of USW/USE what has your experience been like lately? The games have been probably the worst they have been in a long while imo.

It's not even fun having a smurf on your team, like I said, I just want good Dota!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/pi25gg/divine_useusw_players_smurfsbuyers_in_a_lot_of/

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