Funny ass Story that happened IRL

So one day I was playing in a lobby. With 10 players we were in the skeld. Suddenly Red calls an emergency meeting for no reason. He voted out Pink without any evidence but said "If not pink vote me". Pink was an impostor. Lucky. Then another meeting was called by Red and this time White spoke "if not Lime vote me". Lime got kicked. Green caught White not reporting a body immediately and called a meeting. White said "If not green vote me" and Red agreed with everything white said so far. I defended green but white and red labeled me as sus and I got ejected. You know the drill. White and red were obviously partners in crime as their names both contained Zayan and constanly agreed with each other. Then doubled down and down and everyone was literally trusting whatever Red and White said. It was like as if Zayan were sheperds of the herd. Then doubled down and Red and White voted green out in the last round. Turns out White was the impostor along with Pink but in the end it was a social experiment. I realised after their research that public lobbies are susceptible to hive mind thinking and trust others without a second thought.


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