Do you guys think brightness is the top fun killer for this game?

I don't know if you guys share my opinion, that is: it really doesn't matter how hard the mobs and the environment are, when brightness drops to shit, the fun goes away.

Of course I'm taking about the Swamp biome.

I always believe during game design you are supposed to lower visibility (plus other effects) to create sense of darkness instead of simply dropping brightness. This is because brightness is too much of a fundamental thing and will make players stop wanting to play the game. The game studio I'm currently working for have some strict rules on these things.

I know many games that would take this into consideration and create a SENSE of darkness instead of giving you actual "darkness" like you're just staring at a dark screen. Let me know if you guys agree, and if so, I hope Valheim devs see this post. Or let me know if you disagree so I can pick up a few opinion for my own thought.


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