Do you think your (possible) time playing DayZ mod/SA influences how you play Tarkov?

Something I've been wondering for myself recently, but wanted to see if anyone else felt this way too.

DayZ, regardless of what the world's view is today, is the grand father to all of the BR games / Tarkov. Without it, I doubt Pubg would of ever happen and even more unlikely Tarkov would happen. While Rocket was clearly over his head when the mod exploded / SA happen, we all owe that silly Arma 2 mod to the world of today. Personally, I'd love to have a beer with Rocket someday, but that's besides the point…

If you played DayZ mod/SA, do you still play Tarkov the same way today?

When I played, I would always try to be helpful to bambies and would try to kill anyone shooting them but I always knew that bambies were just a gun away from shooting me too. However, do not take this as me being passive or not wanting to fight. There was a server me and a buddy used to play on and we totally owned NW airfield. Think you're able to sneak on? Enjoy my SUV with a 50 cal belt feed ontop. We were pretty hardcore about controlling the loot there / not allowing anyone there. (Little birds were sketchy as hell to fly and I miss it every day!)

When it comes to Tarkov, I feel I'm the same. With friends, and somewhat with friendly scavs, I'll give anything I have to them if it betters them. Need some spark plugs or a gpu? Is it for a quest? Boom, its yours. Want a gpu for mining? Nope, get head eye'd bucko. I also find myself always running into fire fights and never really giving up even when I'm out of ammo (had an epic battle that results in a pick-axe fight. Thought I was out of ammo but then remembered that one 10 round mag for my AK i had. Brap brap and the pick-axe fight was over / won.)

So, what are you thoughts? Do you think its previous games in general that have crafted your play style or no? The rat in me loooves the looting part of Tarkov and those Shoreline loot runs give me alll the early DayZ mod vibes.


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