Does the Mountain biome feel a touch underdeveloped to anyone else?

Man when I first started Valheim, the world felt so rich.

Meadows has greylings, deer, boar, dandelions, raspberries, basic trees, bee hives, mushrooms, it's full of abandoned houses and outposts of many sorts.

Black Forest is this scary dense place with new types of trees, metals, dungeons, greydwarves, skeletons, a weird glowing green deer, thistle, blueberries, TROLLS! oh god. And it's full of stone towers and weird things to find.

The Swamp is awful in the greatest ways. Draugrs, surtlings, wraiths, a bunch of new tree and resource types, poison damage, abandoned villages and docks, new dungeons with new ways to find ore, it really feels like an awful trudgy dangerous swamp.

Then I got to the Mountain biome and it's just white-touched rocks with wolves and drakes scattered about. I suppose there's a slightly different tower very rarely, and some sort of stone circle pit thing very rarely. Obsidian is just sitting on the surface. Silver isn't significantly different from mining copper. There are no interesting plants or things to find. I completed the mountain biome in about an hour.

Am I the only one feeling that the Mountain biome needs a serious deepening of content and feel?


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