Don’t host your server at citadel servers. They will fraud you of your money. Please use host havoc. Thank you.

Hey I had a bad experience with citadel server hosting l them myself where server stopped working after 3 days of messaging in support tickets that would take 10 to 20 hours to get a reply I decided to demand my money back as again my server has been down for 3 days after only being online for 2 days. (new client I was) they said they will give me credit for other servers and I demanded a refund and they deleted my server and then basically deleted my account. I can't do anything on there website but rent another server which will never happen. I've been renting servers since 2008 and in shock at what just happened by this scam of a company. There client doesn't as well which is why my server wasn't working when the new update came out. So I went with a server hosting company that I use for space engineers and Minecraft its called host havoc. They are great. Sorry for my rant and poor writing skills.just in shock still of how shit of a company and crook like they are.


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