DOTA 2 BATTLECUP (TIER 7) harrassment

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So it's Saturday again therefore everybody is trying to find a stack of players to play Battle Cup with. The people who I usually play with this week weren't available so I decided to use the Dota group chat feature to find some people to get a stack with… for context this is Tier 7 (so divine level) All seems fine we draft heroes etc..

by 12 minutes: in… our mid alchemist is flaming the two support (WD & Nyx)

the guy literally continues to abuse the team mostly me (WD) and nyx for us being bad and like seriously do people just get enjoyment out of this I've looked on the replay log on open dota and he messaged 42 times harassing (obviously team chat is private so there were more) and… like how is this okay I mean i just made a decision to finish the game which infact we won and then just not play the second game.

why is the game so toxic I seriously don't understand fine like there's disagreements around strategy but straight up harassment especially in battlecup doesn't make any sense to me. People can be worse at you than Dota its not a crime.

Amusing to me i ended up as 10/8/12 as WD so I'm happy with having the most kills in a game on a pos 5… but still not up for my spending my Saturday evening getting abused by some low life..

like if i want to make a direct report about a player to valve is there a way because i want to receive an update on this instead of the normal reports where they are sent and nothing happens…??


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