Enigma’s aghanim shard is so bad compared to windranger’s

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I know, one to one comparisons are silly, different heroes do different things bla bla.

But just look at them. Enigma's shard adds a pull to black hole. Windranger's shard (gale force ability) is also a pull so they're quite similar except that:

  1. Windranger's pull ability is 40-second cooldown, not 200-second cooldown (this one factor alone already makes WR's pull way better)
  2. Windranger pull is 1.5x stronger than enigma's black hole shard pull (250 gale force speed vs 175 black hole pull speed)
  3. Windranger's pull has a GLOBAL cast range
  4. Windranger can control the direction of her pull, enigma can't
  5. Windranger can use her pull separately from any other ability, adding versatility
  6. Windranger's pull can't be interrupted

The only thing saving grace about enigma's aghanim pull is that you're being pulled towards a giant black hole, but I think it's important not to think enigma's shard is good just because the black hole ability itself is good. Because windranger has an ulti too, and we're not considering how strong focus fire is when talking about gale force for windranger.

Funny thing is windranger's shard outclasses enigma's big time and windranger's shard isn't even one of the top 10 aghanim's shard out there, that's how bad enigma's shard is

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/qgzeiu/enigmas_aghanim_shard_is_so_bad_compared_to/

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