Elite Lvl Hideout – my first maxed skill

So you can decide if you want to pursue this, here are the bonusses to your hideout.

But i thought it would be nice just to document this all, incase anyone was wondering if it is worth it or not to achieve this. (Crafting lvl is low because of the xp bug half way through the wipe. – also shout out to activate windows gang)

+2 max bitcoins. Which is nice and all but again, but unless you have been running thermals every single run. you wont even need this anymore.

+2 Air filter slots. Who what why and when does anyone use this? why would they need more slots? how many shit-buckets must you own in order to have a need for more slots.

+2 Fuel slots. which is nice i guess. and a single can of fuel lasts for 61h which is nice.

+2 water collector. This is a good way to stay ontop of your moonshine i guess.

I got bored of actually playing so i just came back to manage my stash, just to have atleast maxed out 1 skill during my tarkov career. Stash value does not add up though, i believe it uses vendor prices. 1 Scavjunkbox, 3 money cases, all the keys minus Labs, 2 Thicc Items cases, 2 Weapons cases, 2 medical containers, 2 SICC items cases, a redrebell, Keytool, 3 Docs cases, 1 items case, 5 ammo casses, 2 magboxes, 1 holodilnick, 1 grenade case, 6 reaper thermals, plus 53 million Roubles does not add up to a value of 105 million roubles.

Would i do it again? No. By the time i got to this lvl, i was already rich and bored. It simply took too long to get any meaningful benefits from it.

I pretty much logged in twice a day just to keep stuff crafting in rotation, and put an air filter in just because why not.

Let me know any questions or discussions. but i would not pursue this again, maybe next wipe i'll pursue a max strength lvl to become a spiderman and climb up to impossible to reach places.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/n94f6a/elite_lvl_hideout_my_first_maxed_skill/

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