flea market here to stay

What are your opinions on the flea market?

I think flea market really doesnt fit this game. The idea is neat and the effort they put in this feature really shows. But it still doesn’t fit the game.
Mostly getting your opponents teched out HK isnt even worth it, because you need the
backpackspace for fuel and gpus and documents. So you farm and gather
stuff you are not excited to use, its just for selling on the flea so
you can buy M995 and slick armors.
I think the focus should be on useful combat related loot. And lots of non combat
related loot to craft with in the hideout (BSG would get a lot of
freedom to implement crafts when theres no interference with flea market)
Advantages I expect from removing flea:

  • You feel more invested in the loot you stand to loose
  • More variaty because you cant easily purchase meta gear
  • More freedom to implement hideout crafts
  • More freedom to balance gear by adjusting its pricetag
  • Less cheating because RMT would get more difficult

Hearing Nikita say that flea market is here to stay really feels like a sharp turn in
the wrong direction.

Please Be Constructive 😉

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qnz7sa/flea_market_here_to_stay/

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