Feedback on the Arm-Stamina system

I know this isnt talked about much, its not really a "big thing"

But it is something that I think can, and should be, tweaked fairly easily

For those who dont know, there used to only be your singular stamina, meaning aiming reduced how much you could sprint

Aiming too long meant you suddenly were "exhausted" and unable to sprint

THEN, they separated the "arm stamina" into its own bar, which was a good change

Now, aiming for a period of time doesnt magically negate your ability to run

That being said, I think it needs a few tweaks to perform more realistically and conveniently

1- Arm stamina should be 100% separate from running stamina

With the current arm stamina, if it depletes entirely, it THEN does start draining your "base" stamina

There is no reason "aiming" should exhaust you from running

Just separate them entirely

If you run out of arm stamina, your aim shakes a lot, and a player should be able to remain in that state indefinitely, and still run if they need to

2- Modifiers for shooting stance should be a bit stronger

Crouched should drain about 50% slower than currently

Prone shouldnt drain at all

3- Standing arm-drain should ACTUALLY be a bit faster

4- Weapon weight should be a bigger factor here, with Ergo serving to reduce the penalty of a heavier weapon (but weight is the PRIMARY factor)

5- Recovery rate should be doubled

The realistic reasoning behind this is that

The point of an "arm stamina" system is that your arm muscles are not good for remaining under constant tension, they exhaust quickly when used that way

(as opposed to singular "explosive" motions)

As such, holding up a weapon for a constant period is very straining on your muscles, which quickly exhaust, and then your stability goes out the window

BUT, the recovery time for this sort of exhaustion is fairly quickly

Being a shooter irl i can say that

If you reach that point of fatigue due to holding up a weapon for extended periods (which, for heavy weapons occurs VERY quickly)

Simply easing off the tension, as in lowering your weapon, just for a few seconds, is plenty to "reset" your arms' ability to hold the weapon steady

Gameplay wise, this will help encourage players to use good shooting stances for shooting at targets

Will somewhat nerf heavy weapon builds, ie extended mag builds

Make sniping a bit less annoying


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