Has soundwhoring gone too far?

Recently I saw a post about people complaining that wind and rain in the loading screen is too loud and it made me wonder just how high volume people play this game at.

As someone who values their hearing, I play the game at a somewhat medium/low volume (unless I’m really trying to listen) but even then I never put it past a point where the sound of shooting my gun is uncomfortable.
Don’t get me wrong the sound design is really impressive and adds an interesting dimension to the gameplay/combat but it seems a little excessive when people are causing actual damage to their hearing just so they can hear someone tiptoeing in a building across the road from them.
I trust the devs with what their doing and will enjoy the game whatever they do but with regards to realism I find that some headsets combined with super high volume seems to border on superhuman hearing.

That said if people want to get tinnitus so they can hear someone step on gravel 100m away that’s none of my business but it becomes a problem when it leaves other more casual players at a disadvantage simply because they don’t want max volume footstep ASMR blasting their eardrums.

I’m not sure how this could be balanced or even if anyone even agrees but it just seems a little excessive. Compared to games like rainbow six or hunt showdown where sound is just as important, people can benefit greatly by paying attention to sound without having their volume so high that they complain about a faint wind sound effect being deafeningly loud.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ky3rez/has_soundwhoring_gone_too_far/

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