Flea Market should be level 15 change my mind

I no life this game every chance I get to play, I'm struggling to get to level 20 let alone get quests done for loyalty to buy better stuff. I have 4,600,000 rubles saved up that I can't even really use. I got three of my friends to buy the game with me (none of us have played before) and they all already gave up after level 10 cause it's not even half way to level 20. I feel like level 15 would make sense, I like the progression for the loyalty stuff, and having it be a little hard to get the flea market is okay. but holy **** I get like 1,000 maybe 2,000 exp a raid. I started just running scav to save up to buy guns and tbh now the only thing I enjoy is running scav and getting more rubles cause it feels like progression vs dying getting 800 exp and having to run scav for a set up. Maybe since I'm not a seasoned Tarkov player I'm doing something wrong.

TL;DR : Takes a little too long for flea market, game hard, made friends buy game n they quit cause flea level, best survival game can't stop playing.

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