Here we go again, 78% winrate meepo to 72% in 2 weeks.

Mod Skin Dota 2

Here we go again, from 78% winrate meepo now on 73% winrate meepo, lost 5 games in a row despite being beyong godlike every game, and every game without real friends ( party Q ) , my carry died over 15 times in 25 minutes. Sure waiting for '' get better '' and '' if u cant win with meepo ur noob '' proffesional 1k comment section, any advice on how to carry game ? Asked before nobody helped nor messaged me, I often watch w33ha, Ink, Abed and the crew, what I notice is their team simply, doesn't feed. And don't give me that bullshit ' you are in your rank ', because people, how do you loose as beyond godlike meepo who is pushing and getting aeghs i don't know. Carry goes to jungle afk when he dies for 4th time in 2 minutes, this had happened 5 times whenever i picked meepo, now i spam pos 4 and got 6 games won in a row, is it possible i seriously get matched with really bad people while I pick meepo or? would appreaciate actual Immortalls / paid boosters for tips, since i can't understand what am I doing wrong, thanks guys <3


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