For those who whant the game AS IT IS but fixed

it won't happen.

I get that you like the current tarkov experience and you want all the problems with cheaters, connection and game optimization to be addressed immediately, but this is not practical from a development view point. It just doesen't make sense to polish 100% a product that it is still half completed, specialy considerin that the production will (most likely) break some thing you'v already done.

Some of you don't care abaut new content and/or are even strongly against the implementation of some of the followings: inertia, VOIP, GL's, weight system, unconcious state, mines, open world, PMC karma, teater mode, the list goes on.

Too bad. This is what the final game will look like.

OF COURSE that every player whant the game stable and free of hacker, everyone is already demanding that. Some of you just need to be remembered that you'v payd to test a game and give proper feedback of its development. Complain about features you didn't test yet is not feedback. Ask the developers to do not finish the game because you like how it is righ now will lead nowhere.

For those who love the game too much and don't whant it to change, just remember that 1-5 years ago you were playng PUBG, CS, Fortnite, COD, etc and you'v never asked for Escape From Tarkov. Let the developers do their work so we can not only hear about BSG vision but actually play it and see if we like it or not.


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