From the perspective of a negative Scav Karma Farmer.

My Goal this wipe was to have as low of Scav Karma I can get…..I know I'm evil. Here is what I learned;

Currently as it stands my Scav Karma is -5.12 (Horrible) It became "Horrible" when I hit -5. Below that is Very Bad. When I broke the Horrible status I was officially shoot on sight from all AI Scavs.

My Scav refreshes about every 1 Hour and 10 minutes. This is extremely hindering (as it should be). This doesn't really affect me from a monetary standpoint because I do decently with PMC runs. Fence still buys my janky scav AKs and shotguns how he did in the beginning. Car extracts run me right around 30k roubles. That doesnt really bother me due to the fact that my runs normally dont utilize the car extracts.

After doing this experiment I will say. It needs to be more punishing. The amount of Scav Players and AI scavs I killed to get to the point of them auto shooting at me is up there. Another downfall is around -4 Scav Karma I tried really hard to gain scav karma outside of Car extracts and it was literally impossible with the scav cooldown and scav karma gained for every successful raid.

All in all for it being the first wipe with Scav Karma implemented into the game I think its a great start and something I definitely will be taking more serious next wipe.

TLDR: Negative Scav karma can be very hindering for casual players who struggle to gain money with their PMCs and Scav Karma should be more hindering below -5 Scav Karma.


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