The next American line…

With Hank "The Tank" Morgan having an expiration date early fall this year, do we have any hint of the next American line to be implemented?

My guess it will be a medium branch or full line. Why?

  • Heavies and TDs are already represented by 2 lines.
  • Arty already exists and no other nation has more than one line each so it is unlikely that it would be that. (Plus the controversy around arty).
  • Lights are unlikely since all but the French have only one line and many other nations are likely to receive them first. The caveat here is if there is a new mechanic to introduce like they did for the French with the wheeled vehicles.
  • Mediums and heavies are the easiest to pull from, IRL and on schematics. They tend to be the first branch to be made and the other often the second to appear.

We have plenty of time to mull it over but I would like to hear the communities thoughts and if you have vehicles in mind, what are they and what tier would they be? Would it be a full line or just a branch off a current line


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