Future Boss/Biome Predictions

Hey everyone! I've got some theories about where the game might be going, and why I think that's the case.

So you know how they're looking to add 4 more bosses to the game? Well, so far, each boss has been associated with a particular biome.

  • Meadows: Eikthyr
  • Black Forest: Elder
  • Swamp: Bonemass
  • Mountain: Moðer
  • Plains: Yagluth

So that leaves four biomes and four bosses to match up. We know three are in development: Mistlands, Ashlands, and Deep North. But I'd argue we know the last one as well: the Ocean.

So who would we fight there? I think that Surtr would be a good candidate for the Ashlands, as he's the fire giant, and surtlings (little Surtrs) live there. The Ashlands are also located exclusively in the South, where Surtr is said to live, in the land of Muspelheim.

I think the ocean is the next most obvious one: Jormungandr. He is the sea serpent that eats the world at the end of time, Ragnarok. This also might imply that a naval boss battle would be in the works, and I think that would be incredibly difficult but incredibly fun.

Then there's the Mistlands. There's a realm in Norse mythology called Niflheim, which literally means "mist land." Here is where the roots of the World Tree live. And here, Nidhogg the dragon devours the roots. Something based on him would be a fitting boss. From what we know of the mistlands so far, they're a land covered in ancient roots and spider webs. I think the roots here is our biggest clue.

Last is the North, which I think is based on Jotunheim. Here, I think comes our ultimate test, fighting a frost giant. But not any frost giant; Ymir. He is the greatest of frost giants, and it is from his body that Midgard (the earth) was made. But we aren't on Midgard anymore. We're in the realm of testing Viking mettle and cast-out enemies of the Aesir. A remnant of Ymir could be surviving here. And he could be our last battle. In doing so, we literally and figuratively conquer the world, thereby gaining enough favor with Odin to enter Valhalla.

All of these boss options are based on actual figures from Norse mythology, while the existing bosses are only distantly related (Eikthyr), if related at all (Bonemass), to actual entities from Norse Mythology. When I say that we'd be fighting these figures, I mean that we might be fighting anything from the actual figure from mythology, or just an interpretation of them in the world of Valheim, possibly with a completely different name.

I'm not totally sure the direction the devs will go with biomes. We might have all the biomes we're gonna get, and features like "tar pits" will be added to them. Or they might be their own biomes altogether, which would warrant their own boss.

There's also the Svartalfar Brigands, or Dark Elf Bandits, that could be anything. They could be a class of mob like the Fulings are, or they could be something else entirely. But regardless, they may hint at the inclusion of a biome related to Svartalfarheim, the home of the dark elves. So I don't think they're in the Mistlands. And that could also imply another boss for another biome.

But what we have now coincides nicely with defeating 9 bosses for the 9 realms in Norse Mythology.

What do you think? And what are your predictions/hopes for future bosses and biomes?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mbn2f2/future_bossbiome_predictions/

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