Game-Breaking Fix That is Absolutely Needed in Patch 12.7

Ok, I know there are a lot of issues people complain about with Tarkov and the game is still in Beta. I get that I really do. "Oh I got one shot to the face with buckshot from 200M away", "No way PS ammo went through my slick and airframe, I lost my meta Val to some rat", "How did he kill me?! I was running full speed and had level 5 armor on and he one tapped me with a Mosin?!"

But out of all the bugs, glitches, adjustments, etc. that are needed there is only one thing I hope is fixed in 12.7.

The Birds.

Alright, I get it. I might be a bad shot, not taking into account the wind, how fast the birds are ( I don't know what kind they are so it's hard to figure out) their altitude or my sighting range might have been off.

To be fair, my first attempt at shooting one of these "birds", aka government drones, was with a Mosin and iron sight and it was flying away from me already. I get that I may have missed. But since then let me tell you, I have spent countless raids trying to down one of these things. I've tried with a pistol, with an SMG, an AK, a shotgun (all the different shells), tried to time grenade to be perfect, and even meta M4s and Vals. Nothing takes them down.

Now Nikita (/u/trainfender) are you telling me Russian birds are some kind of super bird or something? I know they aren't wearing slicks or airframes, I would see that, plus everyone knows meta M4s and Vals will tear through those things. I mean I thought the shotgun would be the best, that's what people duck hunt with, right?

So here is to the hope that Nikita will get his act together and finally put bird physics in patch 12.7. If not, I don't know what I am going to do. I don't think I can wait until 12.8 or 13.0. I might have to uninstall, it makes the game so unplayable.


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