Getting choked and frustrated by the meta now more than ever

witcher gwent cards

Today I had to really try extra hard to play the game as a way of having fun rather than building up frustration.

I hate the toxic tier1 meta decks and am avoiding them at all costs. But when I try to play anything else I cant seem to keep up to the point that opponent can pass with 2 cards in hand and it wouldn't matter!

First game? Foltest 14 commandos. Second game? Mill (my deck thins to get its key plays). Third? Lined pockets r2 freakshow r3 drill wipeout fourth AND fifth? Jackpot freakshow+whoreson+professor+witch hunter…and then? What if I didnt wanna play the exact same decks everyone is using to climb to have the slightest chance of winning?

What if I wanna play elves? Or dwarves? Or druids? Or succubus? Or soldiers? Or tactics? Or firesworn?

At the moment, they feel like am playing another game than those climbing in the meta…no comparison whatsoever


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