Guess interaction: ally Grim’s Ink swell with shard and enemy cyclone source

Dota2 Mods

  1. Ink swell would apply its effects when buff ends regardless its duration ends or got dispelled
  2. Shard adds strong dispel effect upon expiration

So I was thinking like:

  1. Hero got buffed with Ink swell
  2. Hero got cycloned by enemy
  3. Enemy cyclone dispels Ink swell
  4. Ink swell applies strong dispel upon expiration thus instantly dispelling enemy cyclone
  5. No cyclone effect

I hoped…these spells are of the same nature.

But it’s not.

video demonstration:


  1. Eul works as expected
  2. Wind Waker works as expected
  3. Tornado for some reason ignores strong dispel
  4. Brew’s Storm’s Cyclone doesn’t apply dispel so it just got dispelled by Ink swell’s expiration


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