Gwent feels directionless.

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

Why does it feel like gwent is constantly making the same mistakes and dealing with the same problems?

It seems like all the game ever does is bounce between "oops syndicate has an engine that can easily wipe the board with no counterplay" or "oops, monsters has an uninterruptable powerhouse that can consistently overwhelm the opponent with ease." or even "oops, the OP engine meta we just had resulted in some bullshit control strategy from nilfgaard that makes the game unplayable… again"

Every damn expansion seems to trigger yet another chain reaction of annoying unfun metas and overpowered cards that take forever to get nerfed because of the stupid monthly updates, all the while ignoring the horribly outclassed older cards and letting them get powercrept to oblivion. Its the same crap over and over and over again, and I'm SICK of it.


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