Halfling Safecracker should be 6 provisions, Fallen Knight should be 5. Swap them.

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Halfling Safecracker is perhaps the most insane 5-provision card in the game. How does this card continue to exist in its current form? It's a complete outlier when it comes to how much value 5-provision cards should get. Its Deploy ability is better than 90% of 5-provision cards FFS! Not to mention the ongoing engine it is that essentially doubles what the Deploy was. It frequently comes down on the board as anywhere between 6 and 10 power.

Meanwhile, Fallen Knight is barely playable as it can't stick on the board due to coming down at a paltry 4 power. It has higher upside than Halfling Safecracker, but the awful floor it has cancels that out. There's no reason this card should be 6 provisions while Safecracker remains at 5.

Halfling Safecracker is the best 5-provision card in the game. Just nerf it to 6 provisions so it can become the best 6-provision card in the game. That's all I really ask for.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/mqa4fr/halfling_safecracker_should_be_6_provisions/

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