Hang on a ruddy second…since when was this a thing?!

Walheim - five bosses

OK, so my first real venture into the Plains. Picked loads of Cloudberries; killed a fair number of Lox; not doing too horribly against the Deathsquitos and running about 50/50 with the Fulings.

Brief story: I've found a couple of Fuling encampments. Didn't like the look of the first one: looked too big, plus the other one is right next to a BF border – much safer. So I threw up a protected portal on the other side of the river, prepared the ground for all the flax and barley I was going to get ; ) 🙂 and came back the next day to see if I could take out some enemies. Aaannnd…

I died on a rock after accidentally alerting the whole village. OK, fine. Then did a totally naked run to recover my grave. Couldn't do that immediately as there were a couple of Fulings waiting for me on the other side of the rock, but I managed to get away by swimming across the river – then got owned by a 'squito. Annoying, but again, no real probs: nothing lost (apart from more skills!)

Sooo, I went back naked again and this time I saw the two Fulings retreating to their village, but things looked different. I got up to the rock and recovered my grave.

But here's the thing. The village has now grown. There are more buildings and they are closer to the rock – I mean right below it!!!

I didn't know that this could even happen. I haven't read/seen videos about it anywhere nor seen any similar activities within the game from any other mobs. Respawning, fine, but active building?! Since when?!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/p67u9f/hang_on_a_ruddy_secondsince_when_was_this_a_thing/

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