Has anyone else lost/losing interest in this game?

For context, me and my friend group have all been playing since the beginning of 2017, and out of the 8 of us that used to play religiously (Im talking it's all we played every day for a good year), none of us have been on the game in weeks, and have no real want to play it even after wipes. We used to run a discord of over 800 people, sherpa'd people daily, gave loot away weekly (before you needed permission on here to do that, back in the old Nazi SS days of this sub). So we are by no means unaware of what this game is about, or ignorant to it's issues.

And I suppose this is where the problem for us lies:
It's not because the game has become boring, and it's not because of the grind.
It's because of the direction of the game changing every three seconds and how broken it can be at times.
After talking with eachother the common things that have driven us away from the game is the bullshit of it all. How no matter your skill or game knowledge you're still gonna get disconnected in the food court of Ultra as a squad pushes you.
Silent deaths, terminator scavs that bomb you from orbit, hand glitch which is still prominent, lack of end-game content, disconnects at least once a match for 6 out of the 8 of us. And thats not mentioning the netcode.
We used to love playing this game, but what's the point when you fire at somone and the rounds dont do anything because of the bad netcode and they one tap you to the face through your level 4 faceshield with a round that literally shakes the gun apart after firing more than 30 rounds in real life?
(Looking at you 7N31)
How do you forget losing a 1 million RU kit because a scav airbust a grenade over your head and there was nothing you could do about it bar turning yourself into a Phalanx AAA system and BRRRRRting it out of the air?

The point we used to make is that the game was still in development, and that we could wait it out. After all, we used to hold out hope for the DayZ standalone (foolish, I know) , we could do it for Tarkov.
But it's been three years, and despite progress being made in terms of new maps, new gameplay features, more general content like weapons and grenades, the bullshit deaths and broken shit still permeates everything you do in this game.

A few of us tried getting on today, as we felt like we needed to use some of out 10-30 million in stash value before wipe takes it from us for the 7th time, and we only made it two matches before we all quit again. Not due to getting outplayed, not due to lack of gear or money, but because we had lost someone to the terrible spawns within 30s of our first game, and another to an airbust scav guard grenade that he threw over 50m (we checked the recording and killed the scav to get the distance).
The second match one of our squad killed a heavily geared PMC within the first 20s of the match, only to be killed by his teammate from one round of 7N31 hitting his Exfil, after the PMC had already taken 15+ shots of M62/M61 into his thorax (also checked the recording on that one and the shots clearly connect).

Me and a few others are pretty much done with this game, because the issues that were present three years ago are still present today, and have no signs of getting fixed/have no way they can be fixed like the netcode.
We are curious if there are any other old Alpha players or even newer players that feel the same way we do, and are thinking about putting the game down.

Also, if you read this far thanks! 🙂

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