Convince me NOT to buy EFT

I tried it with beta key 14 day trial and it seems stutters, micro stutter and jittery. Also I dont have a clue what to do or how to play this game or how to acquire weapons with scopes.

So convince me to go back to Arma 3 or Battlefield and DayZ

My BIGGEST Fear is EFT will be like DayZ, you run for miles to find some biscuits to trade to a trader for some Mosin ammo only to find out the trader has been dead for weeks and you now run out of water and food and starve to death. Not a fun game IMO which is why I play Custom DayZ or custom Arma 3 servers

What I want is a shooter where it doesn't take a week to find weapons and ammo basically I want a shooter where I can obtain the guns I want easily but the gunplay must be Mil Sim Realism.

I wish Battlefield 4 had a mod that turned the gunplay into real life Mil Sim.


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