Hate towards Clog players?

Yennefer's Journey

Tired of seeing more and more people crying on twitch chats and reddit about playing against clog NG and cursing the opponent player for playing such filth deck with words like "Never GG NG scum" or " F**k this Degenerate opponent playing toxic degenerate deck". I personally never played clog but matched against clog and felt hopeless many times when i miss certain removal cards

Why spew hate towards the opponent instead of the Devs who added this toxic archetype in the first place and then forced more people who wanted to climb on ladder using NG by nerfing all their other key cards so Clog becomes the only viable deck to climb. They knew what they were doing with the ball nerf

You can argue NG has other good decks, NG soldiers are wholesome why not play it etc… These other decks are pretty much like donating free wins and mmr to opponents in this meta so more and more people trying to climb with NG are forced to play clog instead.

So why hate and curse the Messanger rather than the person who sent the message?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/ngeaku/hate_towards_clog_players/

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