Headphones should be removed

I recently played tarkov without headphones and man its just better. Everything around you feels natural. I mean, with headphones you can hear people more distant and that end with one waiting in a bush/corner/room for an easy kill. Without headphones the game will be more balanced and fights would be better because both players/team could have a chance to win and even if you die you could have a fun firefight. I hate when i die because someone heard me from almost 60 meters and i feel bored when i kill someone just because i heard him way before. Its just boring. And the 90% of time you die in this way. Having fun and long fights from close/medium range are very rare. Most of the time is : heard player -> stay still -> let him get closer -> kill player who run to you. In my opinion without headphones game would be more enjoyable and fun. I take in consideration Hunt showdown where everyone have the same audio range and the fights are a lot more intense,longs and better.

What are your thought?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/u332cu/headphones_should_be_removed/

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