Change my mind: High Caliber HE shells are practically 360 – 800 base damage non-ricocheting HEAT shells with infinite penetration and infinite caliber size.

Think of it They can't go through tracks. They don't loose "penetration" on distance. Why they are stronger? They have infinite "penetration" because no matter your armor thickness, as long as its finite, it will do damage, or factually "penetrate" your armor. They can have bonus damage too added to them, if value of armor thickness is smaller than some arbitrary number, but that is just Bonus Feature. Don't focus on it. When you say again that HE is not op. First think of it as normal HEAT shell, then compare it to HEAT shell and understand that its just better. Think of it again: You gave 2 HEAT shells, one has higher damage but finite penetration, another HEAT shell has 25% less damage, but infinite penetration. Thats why I think HE should just be removed. 155mm+ caliber HE is HEAT with infinite penetration and only 25% less damge POST edited for people who don't understand. HEAT, even 420 pen, can't penetrate Everything. It needs careful aiming, it still needs skill. there are also chances when even 420 pen HEAT has 0% of pen chance. While HE can "Penetrate" ALWAYS. Moral: You can't trade 25% loss of damage into infinite amount of penetration gain. Sure, you can trade Damage into same % gain of pen, but Surely. Never. Ever. Into Infinite amount of penetration.

^ this is previous post people been answering to. I've formulated my post in more effective way here, don't need to read above, only read below:

In sandbox, when increasing penetration of Premium ammo, WG decreased their damage. is that fair? Absoultely.

Current state:

This is how armor looks like VS "OP" 420mm pen HEAT shell.

Lots of impenetrable Red places, damage: 1000.

Now see what happens if we decrease damage of same HEAT shell by 35%. it becomes 650 alpha shell with you guessed it wrong, no, It doesn't get 35% gain of penetration. It gains INFINITE penetration.

You think its fair?

We have real problem in game. Its worse than Premium ammo. Its worse than Wheelies. Its worse than OP tanks. Its high caliber HE shells.

If shell rebalance happens, and they don't nerf HE. Then high caliber HE will just be straight out better than HEAT rounds.


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