Heavy Blood Loss looks far too weak

Watching the twitch stream, i have to say im rather disappointed with heavy bleeds

I thought they were going to ACTUALLY change up the meta a bit, make being shot more punishing, etc

And frankly, its far too weak

First off-

The healing animation for things like tourniquets and the clotting agent are far too fast (almost morphine fast)

Heavy bleeds should DEMAND that a player seek cover, with sufficient time/cover to be able to apply

There is no reason a heavy bleed is treated FASTER than a regular bleed


I couldnt tell for sure, but honestly, the bleed out rate looks too low

The standard for an arterial bleed is death within 60-120 seconds from the moment the artery is severed. That should be in game

Source- USMC Infantry CLS, as well as many additional combat trauma courses i volunteered for


Applying a tourniquet should force that limb black automatically

My biggest grip with the game right now, is the total lack of consequences for being shot

Blacked leg?

Painkillers write off the short term consequences

And surgery writes off the long term

You would have the exact same game/gameplay if you simply used a barebones HP system, which kinda defeats the point of having a more "in-depth" health system

This (along with other things) heavily contributes to the ADAD meta, as dancing back and forth to dodge headshots is far better than using cover to avoid being shot at all (and leaving your head stationary)

"Who cares if you get hit, as long as its not a headshot?"

Please, make heavy-bleeds ACTUALLY a significant aspect of gameplay, and not simply another write-off type injury

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/izsok6/heavy_blood_loss_looks_far_too_weak/

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