Instead of placing trophy’s at an altar to summon an elder they should just spawn when you kill enough of their kin…

The current system is ok, but you will have boxes of trophies you are never going to use except for decoration. (Unless they think of a good use for trophies later which I have heard mentioned)

Anyway they could get around this by letting you 'craft' a trophy to hang on your wall once you have killed X amount of a species maybe? Removing the need for trophy drops altogether and reducing some lag…

Greydwarf eyes not included, the fact you have to use their actual eyes to make a portal is genius 🙂

So…. When you kill enough deer, for example, you hear Eithyker roar and lightning strike with a message that they have spawned. You would still need to locate the runes to find their spawn, or you could stumble upon them by accident.

Only one can spawn at a time (per island) and when you kill them you then have to kill more of their kin on the same Island to make them come back.

This would at least require a bit for thought and risk when approaching these areas instead of just building a fort on their spawn before summoning them and I think it would be cool to know I could run in to an opening and find them charging at me 🙂


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