Help a scrub to get his grip back into the game.

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides

Hello as the title says I am looking for some guide, tips or any kind of materials to refresh my knowledge about the game… I played the game in the earliest days, got that weird flex of Bloodstone of the Precursor in my inventory… Heck I used to play like a mad kid in middle school… but I have the habit to play like crazy for 4-8 months then take a 3-6 months break and I did this loop for a good amount of years only difference is that when I did this with others game I could not come back to that ever again but that was not the case with Dota, there is all ways that random hype and desire to come and play it again… I once came back before the big Dota Reborn was about to hit with a bigger desire to play then ever… I even made a new acc to start fresh with a learn the game mentality and had an amazing time even more amazing when the Dota Reborn update came. I even started playing ranked for the first time ( Yes In all those years of playing I never touched Dota ranked… never felt ready because of all the breaks I keep taking…) I cant explain how happy I was to be Archon ( I know thats trash rank but for me was such a happy day tho ) anyway that was the longest period I keep playing … sadly after that came the biggest break that I took of almost 5 years … Had been revisiting other MOBA(I am a huge fan of this genres btw) that I enjoyed in the past and some I didn`t play at all and ended playing League for 3 years but I started to get soo burned of it. I was feeling like I seen every outcome of a match and there was nothing unexpected going in a game of League even in Diamond I felt like I was playing the same thing as in Gold and started remembering of some crazy game I had on Dota and from that nostalgia my desire to play started again but there was this big issue when I jumped back into the game. I felt like it was my first time ever touching a PC game lol, that how overwhelmed I felt… at this point I dont know how I should play to relearn the game … Idk if making another acc again would help now… playing the new player mode does not really feel like doing much, game are easy there… Dota Turbo feels like a total rushed fiesta… I keep playing All pick and SD but that feels like too slow of a way to recover from this "amnesia" that I have about the game and most of the games are either some one leave or a hard stomp….

P.S. Sorry not sorry if this post became a drama queen story thingy … I just wanted some suggestions of how I should tackle the game now from the experience I had with it ….


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