All 163 Standard Hero Builds updated to Patch 7.30 (+b): New summary video

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  • All 163 Standard Hero Builds are updated to patch 7.30 (+b)
  • Find out which guides were most updated in the latest patch: Standard Hero Guides Weekly Update #2
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    • Currently learning how to produce, edit and digitally market videos for future experience. These videos will be imperfect as I continue to improve, thank you for understanding.

8-Year anniversary blog post summary:

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  • In May, I announced my sponsorship with SteelSeries and statistical research: approx. 90% of all daily games are influenced by my guides. A total of 2.5 billion games have been played using my guides. Thank you for trusting my guides ❤️
    • Future plans: Luxury Item tab for some heroes, Hero play-style instructions as tool-tips or video, annual text revisions just like last year
    • Policies outlined: max items per slot, dual core builds, instructional tab titles, more core items end-tail to provide more extension items and more.
    • For more than 75 weeks straight, guides have been routinely updated and published
    • Personal life and career highlighted including live-streaming, learning and doing goals with a dual-purpose


  • As always, for the past 8.5 years, this update is for players who seek updated guides immediately and trust the process: 48-hour first-pass update followed by two weeks of intensive revisions
    *Guides are a product/service. I update guides weekly with research, data, streams, pro-matches, personal testing, pro feedback & community discussion.
  • You can always reach me directly if you have suggestions. Even feedback as small as to check out a specific guide helps.
  • Valve: please fix Spirit Breaker build. It has been bugged for over one year
  • Valve: please allow guides to put points in attributes


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