Help Settling a labs callout.

Context: My teammates were trying to hold power room while I ran to push the Medical Block elevator button. As I ran to push the button an enemy pushed us from the other side of the Power room and forced my teammates forward behind me (I did not know they ran up I just heard shooting). I push the button and peak the room to get a handle on the situation, and figure out who's who. I identify an enemy down the hall (Red dot) taking cover just outside of power room. I don't know where my team mates are and don't know how many enemies are pushing. I ask "Wait, Are y'all near the stairs?!" to which I get a reply "No, that's not us. No No No". I then proceed to say "I'm behind two guys and they don't know I'm here". I aim at one of them and try to figure out if they're wearing a Scav backpack (I call it an attack two), but before I can finish correct myself I hear gunshots and shoot before what I believe to be an enemy moves. Turns out this was my buddy, and I Tk'ed him.

Labs Map: Enemies Red, Teammates Blue

Things I know: I should of asked for more information. I should've been more aware of where my team was and where the enemies were. My fault for jumping the gun and shooting without confirming, and I should always keep an ear out for other peoples call outs.

My Question: I made my decision to shoot based on the fact that I asked "Are you guys by the stairs" to which I received very adamant No's.

My question is simple: Are they or are they not near the "to Servers" stairs.

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