Horizon is better than Odyssey, change my mind (Exploration in VR)

Ok this post doesn’t want to be purely critic but I would like to express my personal feelings and see whether I am the only one or somebody shares the same views.


Recently I started an exploration trip. I don’t have a destination in mind, so I went for the centre of the galaxy and then perhaps I will go in the top of the galactic plane.

I am basically enjoying the trip, scanning pretty much any system and trying to find POIs by myself, without the help of the codex.

I am doing the entire trip in VR and I am loving it.

Horizon and Odyssey

I started the game in Odyssey I travelled about 10.000 Ly so far and I have seen quite a bit of stuff already. Saw a couple of anomalies , Had my first footfall on many planets and enjoyed the view of different suns in different atmospheres. Although at the beginning seemed awesome somehow it felt static and the performance issues still existing made the experience a bit less enjoyable. Especially when the quality of the visuals is degraded for a certain reason.

Anyhow, After I got “acclimatised” to Odyssey, I decided to switch back to Horizon, just to see what the difference was…and boy i found it was abysmal.

The performance hiccups that are in odyssey simply do not exist in horizon and the experience gains a million point in smoothness. The quality of lighting in Horizon give you much more immersion than odyssey. The blue light in my cockpit near a neutron star doesn’t seem to appear in odyssey…or the pink lighting near a brown star. So when I switched to horizon I was once again blown away by the beauty of this game.

Question: Was this the lighting issues they are going to fix in update 7? Because I do hope they improve lighting overall in Odyssey.

The skybox is much much better in horizon, compared to odyssey….it just FEELS better. It feels slightly different every time, whilst in Odyssey I don’t get that feeling and I have the impression I am looking at the same thing over and over again.

Yes odyssey has auto landing, which is a bliss…and I miss it in horizon. Like I miss the quality of life improvements they made in Odyssey

HOWEVER I have decided to continue the rest of my trip in Horizon…until Odyssey gets a significant performance improvements and improved lighting.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/po04os/horizon_is_better_than_odyssey_change_my_mind/

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