Best premium soviet TD?

Hi, I've been thinking on getting a premium TD and when looking at the soviets… There's a lot of them and I don't know which one is better.

If I'm not wrong, I think T-103 is a bad idea, but then there's:

  • ISU-130, with the best DPM a woppin 3472 dpm (with vents, rammer and BIA), 238 pen, 490 alpha and .34 dispersion, and 437 view range with coated optics. Which looks good on paper, but according to Skill4ltu's website, it's just "playable"
  • ISU-152K, with the same equipment and bia, it has less dpm at 2900 and worse dispersion at .39, being also worse in view range at just 403, but each punch dealing 750 alpha while having a monster 286mm of penetration at tier 8. Surely you don't want to get hit by this thing.
  • SU-130PM with rammer, optics and IRM, this one has the lowest dpm at 2765, but it's pen and alpha are on a middle ground between the previous 2, with 243 pen and 520 alpha, and the best dispersion at 0.33 and the fastest by far with a top speed of 65kmh.

Also both 152k and 130PM have the same crew as the obj. 268-4, which is nice, while the 130 is missing a loader, but that's not really a problem.

And as a bonus, there's also the SU-122-44, I don't know how well has this one aged, but I do know that it has the same not nerfed after-firing camo bonus as the E25, although, the camo in general is not as good as the E25. I mention this one because the crew is the same as the tier 8s except only 1 loader (but again, that's not a problem) while being much cheaper, I don't even know if the Tier 8s are purchasable or if they are rewards and I can't get them or smth.

Also, Skill4ltu rates the 122-44 as "epic" while the others are "good", except the ISU-130 wich is just "playable" as mentioned before.


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