Hot take, Bonemass isn’t hard and Moder is impossible without cheesing it.

Is Valheim coming

I play on a server with about 3-4 friends at a time. We fought Bonemass last week and aside from him spawning on top of a tree we couldn't cut down he was no problem. Everyone pops a poison resist, equip a club of some sort, one person hold agro and just kites him around while everyone smacks his booty. I think maybe one person died in the whole fight.

Then last night we try and fight Moder, we just did a huge silver run, everyone has some level of silver armor, iron bows, and draugr fangs, obsidian arrows. We stack bonemass and eikthyr powers. And after 10 min into the fight and 3/4 of us are dead and Moder is maybe at 80% health. We end up getting wiped probably 4 times and just give up as a group. After reading some strategies on here and youtube, i go back one last time solo after everyone got off and give it one more try. She followed us back to our portal and ends up destroying it after i get to the mountain. I end up cheesing her in a giant pit from a silver vein we mined. The walls are too steep for her to get an angle on me with her shotgun blast. And then when she's on the ground I just sit opposite side of the pit and she just gets stuck and doesn't attack me at all. After 180 arrows and 80% of the durability on my max lvl draugr fang she finally dies.

Overall the fight felt like shit and honestly don't know how the devs want the fight to play out. When we would try melee on her we'd just get pinned by her to a rock and be stuck. I can't stand the whole shield business it feels like they are trying to push. But i'm just venting at this point and the bitch is dead regardless.

A little cherry on top to end with, remember how she destroyed our portal to get home? In the process of rebuilding it a pack of five wolves roll up on me including two one-stars and obliterate me. After every bit of shit that boss fight gave me I still ended up making that sail of shame.


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