How are you playing this game?

Mods I'm using Valheim plus , Bigger items stacks , Loot multiplier (just a small increase) ,Craft from containers(best mod) ,Map sync(great for multiplayer) ,Custom audio(better animal sounds) ,More slots(bigger inventory),Better stamina(the base game should use this system) , Auto fuel(Amazing for smelting) ,Smart Containers(auto sort loot) , Better Archery , Epic loot(loot tiers with special effects, Better trader(more things to buy and sell) , Creature level and loot control(make the game harder and give monsters, animals and bosses more stars and special effects) ,Valheim legends(classes) , Hard Bosses, Name Your Tame(good boys need a name).

Mods have made this game which was already amazing just so much better , if you have not modded your game I would recommend trying these mods if it is your second playthrough and these mods work with friends just make sure they have them installed.

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