How do you keep yourself Smiling while your hunting scav bosses? What mischievous fun do you have?

Hey ho!

So Im looking for some fun to have while lapping customs.

Ive lost track but Ive been hunting rashala for 1 of the 2 quests I have left for kappa but I lost track about 26 raids somewhere. But I think Im reaching about 30/35 raids with scavs inbetween hunting rashala and havent even found his body, Im starting to give up hope and have nearly stopped playing altogether due to this. ( Yeah lol I know where to look)

I cant find the guy anywhere! And as A solo player. Im pretty burnt out and bored. With bitcoin firmly up and infinite cash to burn to search theres no reason to loot or pvp. Im not very social So dont know how to meet people properly as Ive heard its more fun with a group (Ive tried discord/lfg reddit etc.)

Anyway! So On my many raids Ive grown to making my own lonely Fun.

Currently Its legging people and running away lol. I dont know why this brings me joy. Maybe its the passing of misery While I live in a rashalaless purgatory, Maybe its my jealously of their beautiful stacked squad. But it makes me giggle watching people panic and think they are hiding while rapidly trying to fix or pills up. The idea of someone sitting in a bush for 15 mins or searching an area for 10 mins while im Looting screwdrivers on the other side of the map makes me laugh. exspiecally when I can watch for a bit, Even funnier if they are in a stack as they all spread out as they assume control of an area. bonus points if you leg 2 or 3 others. (You can see why I dont have any friends).

But what do you guys do? How do you keep yourself busy and smiling on your mindless laps hunting bosses? Im looking for some more mischief to get into so My brain doesnt melt of boredom like those nazis in raiders?

TDLR: what games do you get up to while lapping the quests you are atm?


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