Strong card with heavy deck building restrictions

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How powerful can a be if a deck has it as its corner stone ?

Unlike Drill or Alchemist who requires little to no set up, Gord needed an entire deck built around it to reach frightening value before getting the nerf hammer to be capped at twelve.

My point is not to question the nerf of Gord but its right to be strong. My personal opinion is that indeed it was getting abusive at reliably getting 20+ value and capping at 12 to match the no-unit deck building limit is reasonable yet maybe excessive.

12+3 for 7 provision is quite good and 20+ does indeed sound too much. Mathematically, Gord gives +1 point for every of your special cards. Well, it was the case until Orb came around. Players no longer needed to use memey techniques like Agara or the Dwarf leader ability to reach win condition value for their Gord ; spam Orb like hell, instead!

If Gord was actually the problem, the devs would have nerfed Aglaïs long ago. No, the problem is the reliability I mentioned earlier: Aglaïs wins you a match once in a blue moon and Gord can win you a match as long as you play all your special cards and your opponent not well enough.

It’s too strong, yet (unlike Drill) you couldn’t slap it in every ST or SY deck and expect to win with it. I would even add that this nerf tho impact heavily Spellatel decks can also be considered a secret buff to lesser spell heavy deck like Madoc, No-Unit some Lined Pocked. Until now, players would kinda feel the need to invest as much as possible special cards in Gord to boost their chance to win with it yet limiting their deck building options and telegraphing their win condition to their opponent from a mile away.

Now? Gord is still good at 12+3 for 7 don’t get me wrong, but you can get it in so many more ways than 20+. We tend to judge badly on subreddit when we don’t have the cards in hand so I don’t think there’s a need for a final verdict on the matter of Gord. However, I am very interested on what others have to say about it.

I didn’t compare him with Kolgrim, devotion cards, Shupe and Radeyah but feel free to do so.


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