How does toxicity affects you through out the game?

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I've question for all of you dota 2 players or whoever want to answer. How does toxicity affects your gameplay during session? What negativity brings to your gameplay.

It is not fair to ask you and not answer the question myself right?

For myself whenever toxicity occurs either be by writing or talking or something happening in the game there're certain scenarios which doesn't affect me and I continue to play normal. But I've noticed for myself at certain point I start carrying with the toxicity through out my team mates for whatever reasons (like I'm too tired of this and now its my turn). I've noticed for myself in the early game like 20-25 minutes I'm somewhat fine, but after a certain point of the game when my team mates were toxic through out of it it just GETS me as well. And if I play normal for the past 25 minutes and if the game goes longer my passion of staying sane leaves me and I start arguing with words some times or with my gameplay. Like I said either be dying or not attending a certain fight. Example: I see an ex. lane being pushed and I want to TP and defend it and i do not attend the fight and my team loses it, but this can be called lack of communication and understanding of what the other person wants to do either be by me or someone else.

So how toxicity affects you through out of the game? Is it the same as me? Is it similar or it affects you in different kind of way? P.S. 9.5-10k behavior score dota 2 and lost around 900 mmr, but that's not the point right now.


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